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H.G. Brag Hari Das (President)



The BKK is a platform for portrayal of India1s rich culture, tradition and performing arts. Sri Krishna is sarva karanam - the origin of everything. of art and beauty. So love of art and beauty are inherent in the people and by sparking that inherent love and directing that towards the service of the Lord is what BKK has been doing.

The BKK has established a place in the society today by dovetailing everything towards the glorification of Sri Krishna. Today if there is a dance whether folk, classical or modern, being performed through the BKK, it is devotional in nature. This is the uniQue feature of BKK.

Over the years the BKK has grown in its activities with the support of all its members and well wishers and on this occasion of Janmasthami I am happy to be able to send this message of Krishna bhakti to all the readers.

Thank you, Yours in service of Lord Krishna,



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H.H. Gopal Krishna (Goswami Maharaj)

The portrayal of Lord Krishna1s pastimes by music, dance, dramas etc has always been a very effective way of preaching the message of Godhead to the masses. In India, Ramlila and Krishna lila during Dussehra and Krishna Janmashtami respective!Y have been depicted by dramas for time immemorial.

Even Lord Niryananda in His childhood used to enact pastimes of Lord Krishna with his friends. Lord Caitanya also portray ed the gopis thru dance and drama in the house of Candrasekar Acarya for the delight of all the assembled vaisnavas.

Whenever Prabhupada visited the New York temple, the devotees there would perform a play. Once the devotees performed "The Kidnapping of Rukmini" and Prabhupada enjoyed the performance. He laughed when an envious prince, played by Nayanabhirama dasa, saw Rukmini and said he was going to faint.

And when Balarama cut off Rukmi1s beard, Prabhupada said, "0h, now he is more than dead." When the play was over, Prabhupada said that seeing the drama was better than reading the book.

Following these examples of Lord Caitanya and Lord Niryananda and the divine instructions of Srila Prabhupada, the devotees at Bhakti Kala Kshetra have been utilizing the performing arts in Krishna1s service by spreading the message of Krishna Consciousness movement with every note, every step. every action and every emotion of the artists.

At this moment I would like to express my sincere thanks and heartfelt wishes to the Patrons, Organizers, Performers, and all the associated devotees with Bhakti Kala Kshetra on their Silver Jubilee celebrations, and wish that this organization may continue penetrating the hearts of disillusioned souls by their depiction of Lord's pastimes for the next 10,000 years.

Your well wisher in the service of Srila Prabhupada