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Formal Devotional Expression in Drama


Drama has always been one of the best mediums of expressions for the Performing Arts. It relives the character to the fullest on stage. Bhakti Kala Kshetra stages various dramas based on our eternal shastras which helps the viewer understand the message simply and connected with our sanskriti while being entertained.

Auditorium Facilities:
The ISKCON Auditorium was conceived by our Founder Acharya His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and inaugurated on January 15th 1978. On that auspicious day a brilliant dance recital was presented by Smt.Vaijayanthimala Bali, the renowned exponent of Bharata Nayatam. Thus ISKCON Auditorium was imbued with life and has since become the venue for cultural performances of the highest standards. With a seating capacity of 517 it is full air-conditioned and is equipped with modern lighting and sound systems. ISKCON Auditorium provides a unique atmosphere of purity and devotion coupled with the advantages of sophisticated technology. For those who wish to hold private film shows the latest models of 16 and 35 mm sound projectors have been installed and are being run by qualified operators. The ISKCON Auditorium is now available to societies, schools, clubs, music circles and others for the following purposes:- Lectures, seminars, conferences, Social gatherings, music and dance programmes, dramas, marriages, religious functions, film shows, music lessons, dance classes and rehearsals. ISKCON Auditorium is owned and managed by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness and as such it is run entirely on a non-profit basis. In addition to the planned activities for which your Club or Society may wish to reserve the auditorium.